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B.I.G. M.E.L the Next Passionate Chicago Hip-Hop Artist


B.I.G. M.E.L performs locally at a showcase in Chicago, Il.

B.I.G. M.E.L whose moniker is an acronym that stands for Bringing Ill Grammar (on uh) More Elevated Level. He is an independent artist from the South Side of Chicago, He started off just freestyling and admits he wasn’t that good at it but he would do it every day and over time he noticed improvment. He hails from the South Side of Chicago and spent most of his life in the Chattam and Roseland Neighborhoods listening to the stylistic soul music popular in the 70s and 80s that his family would play, his first exposure to hip-hop surprisingly, was Gangsta Rap.

His uncle was fixing a car and listening to NWA and it wasn’t until he heard Ice Cube rap on a song called “I ain’t the One” did he realize he also wanted to grab the mic and be an emcee. “I was so intrigued by the way his words were matching to the beat” B.I.G. M.E.L says. As he grew older he was privileged to be exposed to emcees like Kool G Rap, Tribe Called Quest, Mystikal, 8Ball & MJG, Too Short, The Lox, Devin The Dude, E40, and a barrage of well-known rappers. “I think one of my hardest obstacles as an artist will be staying creative, consistent, [and] relevant with the content I still deliver in my work, with the passion that I feel comfortable with. I’m sitting on a bunch of unreleased work because I critique my songs so heavy before I put them out” he says.


B.I.G. M.E.L whose real name is Jamel Weston in addition to being a talented emcee is a dedicated father.

The rapper who has been overcoming the adversities of life on the South Side of Chicago is a dedicated father. He has been building a dedicated fanbase over the years and has plans on releasing three to four projects before this year is over with the first one entitled Hurt The Land which is old Chicago slang that means you have the best compared to your competition. “If someone was to say that you was hurting the land that would mean you were shutting everything down when you came around” he says. Hurt The Land is going to be a Free Download on all digital platforms, 16 tracks of thought provoking bars and dope ass beats!! He also plans to release an EP call Best Case Scenario “that’s going to be a joint project with my people and Knot Them entertainment” he insists. In addition, he plans on closing the year out with another free mixtape called Photosynthesis for Dummies. He has his own music entertainment company called Black Galaxy Music Entertainment and he has some big plans in the works. Check out his recent release featuring Yusef RA called “Nappy & Free”.

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  1. ..Bless Bless..Beautiful Article..

  2. Yessir Big Mel Many Blessings To you on the Rise King 💯💪🏾👑

  3. Yessir BIG MEL 💯💪🏾 Many Blessings To You On The Rise

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