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Hyperbole of the Crying Baby at the Bernie Sanders Event in New Hampshire

I’ve covered numerous campaign events this year but recently at the event in Epsom, New Hampshire, Bernie Sanders was criticized for telling a crying baby “keep that down”. However, the incident has been taken out of context by many Right Wing media sites. The notion that Bernie Sanders was talking to the baby is ridiculous, he was speaking to the mother as the baby had been crying since almost the beginning of the event before he simply asked the mother of the child “keep that down”. I think Bernie was rightfully agitated like many people at the event, such as myself because the people came to hear his vision for America and it is inconsiderate for people to bring a crying infant to a serious event like this.

While some at the event may have been shocked at his directness. I believe this exemplifies true leadership because it was what was on everyones mind. No one came to hear a crying baby and I would note that Bernie didn’t ask the woman to leave but was simply asking her to take care of the noise problem. The lack of honesty of many media sites and their willingness to promote fake news illustrates the Right’s fear of Bernie’s message resonating with Americans.

Here is a link of the full video:

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