Law X Debuts Gritty Crime Drama Series “When Day Gets Dark”


Screen Shot 2019-08-25 at 4.23.29 PM“When Day Gets Dark” is a hip-hop crime drama series based on true events by hip hop artist and urban film director, Law X. Shootouts, police informants, 2 eleven and homicides in a city at war. In the vein of Kodak Black’s new web series The “Longest Day”. An inner city dealer has become an advocate of it all. He attempts to overcome insurmountable obstacles, including death. Only to find himself digging a deeper hole. Based on true events and with an ensemble cast featuring Ace B-47, Al Casino,  and Christian Lyon. (Hood Film. New Hip Hop Series. One of the top hood series on youtube.) Vote this as one of the best urban movies 2019 and best hood movies 2018 and 2019. Hip-hop documentary and hip-hop music. Similar to ABC’s “SWAT” where Law X played the role of Hammer alongside youtuber Deshae Frost.

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