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Being Bullied For Being a Trump Supporter


Jayne Jay reached out to former Miss Michigan Kathy Zhu about being bullied in high school for being a Trump Supporter. 

Jayne Jay is a high school student in D.C. and got bullied for being a supporter of President Trump. No political party should be using bullying tactics to silence their opposition but when Jayne transferred to her Far-left high school and her classmates discovered photos of her online campaigning for Trump she was tormented for her political beliefs. Jayne claims she actually received death threats on the social media app After School.

Jayne’s experience at her high school paints a picture of how liberal institutions can often demonize conservatism and view it as evil. High schools should not be indoctrinating you with political beliefs.  Even more troubling is the fact that adults used their own political biases to make an example out of Jayne. Having attended one of the most liberal colleges in the nation I can attest to these beliefs being present. In my recent summer class the teacher said “who is an individual that people unanimously dislike” and everyone replied “Donald Trump” and when asked who is someone well liked the teacher said “Michelle Obama”.

Many people who commented on the video question why Jayne didn’t contact the administration at her school, which she possibly could have. Do you think this is a real issue in schools or is Jayne clout chasing?

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