Getting Your Metaphysical Fix from Kailyn Bowman

So I’ve been into metaphysics since Jay-Z recommended reading James Redfield’s 1993 book Celestine Prophecy in a 2002 interview. That book more than any other has shaped the way I look at the world and put me on a path of spiritual evolution. Along that path I’ve had many teachers such as Ernest Holmes, Florence Scovel Shinn, and of course Marianne Williamson.  These writers emphasized in their work the importance of having positive thoughts and words, all of which is rooted in biblical principle. Not only that your thought and words create your reality but by understanding these principles you can create the life that you desire.

While all those authors are great, you can imagine my excitement at discovering the excellent youtube videos of Kailyn Bowman. The cool thing about Kailyn Bowman is that she pretty much reemphasizes the similar lessons of the great teachers I named but she has taken metaphysical studies into the 21st Century. I don’t have to search at Barnes & Noble for books that are helpful but I can search through her amazing catalogue of youtube videos which covers topics such as the “The Powerful Art of Letting Go” and “How to Ignore Your Current Reality”.

The bottom line is that Kailyn Bowman is our generations spiritual guru. She comes across as someone who is relatable and down to earth. Her over 60k subscriber base on YouTube is a helpful tool in navigating the difficulties of life on earth. She also offers coaching sessions on

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