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Murs “DJ Vlad Pays For Interviews”


I caught up with Veteran hip-hop artist Murs in Cambridge, MA at a local bar before his show at the Middle East. We discussed him growing up in Mid City, Los Angeles, his mother having a dry cleaning business in South Central, and feeling that the experience of being signed to Strange Music was similar to his time on Warner Bros, “the pay scale was exactly the same.” He also discussed being a father and meeting his wife’s mother for the first time recently.

We talked about him shooting a video in Long Beach at VIP Records and being threatened by Crips, when I asked about his willingness to tackle the subject of race he stated “I’m an over-sharer in my music” and in life like the time a State Trooper asked him why he pulled him over Murs stated “because I’m black.”

I then asked him about any artists he wanted to collaborate in the future and he responded “ever since I did a song with Suga Free I haven’t cared about collaborations”. I followed up by asking if he had seen Suga Free’s recent interviews on DJ Vlad to which he responded “he wasn’t a fan of Vlad because of the misleading titles and knows that he pays the artist for interviews.” I asked him how he could be so sure because this is a claim that Vlad has denied. “I’m friends with a lot of these guys and know them personally like Tray Deee. A lot of these guys have drug habits and Vlad will pay them like $200 or $300 to support their habit.”

Murs concluded the evening guaranteeing his podcast would be returning and that his new album was finished, he just needed to figure out a release date. He also talked about possibly releasing a book in the future.


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