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Wrestlemania 35 Breakdown and Prediction

MetLife Stadium will host the 35th Wrestlemania.

WrestleMania 35 is Sunday April 7th at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. Here’s a breakdown and predictions for the card

Raw and Smackdown Women’s Championship winner takes all triple threat

Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair vs Ronda Rousey

The preannounced main event, something usually that never happens. This will be the first WrestleMania to be closed out with a women’s match. The year that Ronda has had has never been seen in wrestling and it’s a perfect cherry on top. Only way though to send fans home happy is a victory by The Man. Prediction: Becky Lynch

Univeral Title

Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins

Never has a World or Univeral title match in WWE WrestleMania history been more of a back burner in fans head as this year’s match. Fans don’t like Lesnar, fans do not buy Seth as capable to knock him off in a match. Would not be surprised this is a 5-10 minutes match in middle of card as a buffer. Prediction: Brock Lesnar

WWE Title

Daniel Bryan vs Kofi Kingston

This match was spawn solely from the fans. In a page taken straight out of Daniel Bryan Mania run 5 years ago, Kofi won fans over and pushed him to top of the card. This match will have the most fan involvement of all. Lots of great spots are expected and major waves of emotion that fans will be reliving for weed to come. Prediction: Kofi Kingston

Grudge Match

The Miz vs Shane McMahon

This match has been hot and cold last few weeks. Fans are getting hottly behind Miz and it seems like he will go on a baby face run. Shane’s heel character is a good one but not as believable as other McMahon members. Match can be a launching pad to big things later in year for Miz Prediction: The Miz

No Holds Barred, if HHH loses his career is over

HHH vs Batista

A match 6 months, or maybe even closer to 5 years in the making. As wit most HHH Mania matches this match has no Holds Barred stipulation. It’s hard to imagine HHH losing and ending his career now. Batista also is leaving for more movies so him winning makes no sense. Should be a hard hitting psychological type match. Prediction: HHH

Intercontinental Title

Bobby Lashley vs Finn Balor

Simple answer here, just one word. “DEMON”. Finn brings the demon moniker to Mania. A new champ is coming. Prediction: Finn Balor

Smackdown Tag Title Fatal Four Way

The Usos vs Aleister Black and Ricochet vs The Bar vs Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev

A thrown together match with no real momentum. Seems like a nice challenge to Usos but can’t see them dropping titles like this. Prediction: The Usos

US Title

Samoa Joe vs Rey Mysterio

This match for most part has sat on back burner. Joe is one of best in WWE and Rey is a legend. Probably gonna be a short lived math around 6-8 minutes. Expect a choke out by Joe Prediction: Samoa Joe

Women’s Tag Title Fatal Four Way

Sasha Banks and Bayley vs Nia Jax and Tamina vs the IIConics vs Beth Phoenix and Natalya

A match that at most pay per views would be a semi main event but not at WrestleMania. Should be a good storytelling match but not big on spots or major memories in action. Prediction: Sasha Banks and Bayley

Cruiserweight Title

Buddy Murphy vs Tony Neese

This is a battle of friends and training partners. Murphy has held the title since October winning it in his hometown of Melbourne Australia. Neese is a great athlete and fans love him. He also is from New York area so he will have home court advantage too. Expect some high flying and fast moving action with some technical work mixed in too. Prediction: New Champ Tony Neese

AJ Styles vs Randy Orton

This is a match that for years people dreamed of but could never happen as AJ was in TNa and Orton was in WWE. This very easily could be the show stealer. Odds are this can be the catalyst for next week title match. Prediction: Randy Orton

Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre

A match that could be a big match but seems more like a thrown together PR match. Roman is 5 months removed from leaving for leukemia treatment and is in remission in his second match back. Have to believe with how all was booked heading in that the feel good moment is coming Prediction: Roman Reigns

Kurt Angle vs Baron Corbin

This is the final match of Kurt’s career. Not a well liked or good choice for final opponent. Should be a short sweet match Prediction: Baron Corbin

Andre The Giant Battle Royal

Always hard to predict a Battle Royal. usually it’s done to build a storyline or reward a star. This edition has 3 major advertised name’s, Braun Strowman then also SNL own Michael Che and Colin Jost. Expect a media moment to come. Prediction: Michael Che

Womens Battle Royal

Like above said, battle royals are hard to predict but may help advance a story. With a winner take all for women’s gold at end of night this could predict future. Going to guess a new face wins Prediction: Lacey Evans

I will be providing live commentary on my Twitter. Follow me @MikeFleury101

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