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Weekend 32

OK, Hi, Hello! Saturday Morning in late March which means the stakes are extremely high like Bobby & Whitney in a hotel room during the Bush administration…on a Saturday morning. Quick side note, one of my new viewing obsessions is anything about the mystery surrounding the death of Whitney Houston. The facts at the crime scene just don’t add up. High water temperature in the tub where she was found, unaccounted for bumps on her head…just doesn’t seem as simple as another passed out loaded in the tub type thing. Looks like we’ll have to explore that at a later date. Time is short and we got tons of SCORCHING HOT ACTION to peep!!!


Overall the first two days of the tourney were a success with Thursday being a true SCORCHER! I went 8-2 on the day with the two losses being an extra flyer on Yale Moneyline which was a play solely based on my brackets. I thought that based on their SEC Tournament play LSU would still be steeped in the controversy over their coach and ripe for the picking. Wasn’t the case but at least Yale gave it the old college try and covered. The lesson here…don’t wait a week to jump on controversy, jump on it right away. My other loss Thursday was a last second Under play in the Baylor/Syracuse game. I though the Frank Howard suspension would curb overall productivity from the Orangemen, but that wasn’t the case either. Oh, well, it was late and I was feeling the high of the day. Not quite Bobby & Whitney high but pretty high. Friday got off to a slow start with disappointments from Cincinnati & Tennessee against the spread but rebounded with wins from Liberty, UCF and the Over in the Oregon/Wisconsin game. Coach Penny & the Memphis Tigers really came up short vs Creighton in NIT play pushing my record on the day to 4-5.

Heading into round two of the tourney I’m 12-6 in NCAA Tourney action and 1-1 in the NIT thanks to going HOG WILD in Arkansas’ first round game. I’m riding those same hogs again vs Indiana in Bloomington as a 5.5 Road Dawg in 2nd round NIT action. I’m also riding the Under 150, a number which is dropping like people at a Whitney & Bobby party in 2002. It’s tipping off at 147. Hmmmmmmm.


Chardonnay & Grill spent the first two days of the tourney in a drunken stupor at Foxwoods with Wally and will join up with Jack & Wild Bill at the critically acclaimed Hooters of Shrewsbury, MA for today’s 2nd round play. It’s been a turbulent tourney for them so far both with picks and late night bathroom visits so they’re not 100% on their game, but Chardonnay did have a nice UC Irvine win yet both Chardonnay & Grill deeply regret riding Ole Miss. OUCH.

A captivating Saturday & Sunday ahead so while games are about to start let’s peep my picks…

NCAA Tourney

LSU -2 vs Maryland

Wofford/Kentucky UNDER 140.5

Florida +6 vs Michigan

Nova +3 vs Purdue and the Under 138

Tennessee -8 vs Iowa and the OVER 155.5

UNC -11.5 vs Washington and the OVER 148

UCF +13 vs Duke

Texas Tech MONEYLINE -160

Liberty +9 vs VTech

Oklahoma +11.5 vs Virginia

Houston -6 vs Ohio St and the OVER 131.5


Arkansas +5.5 vs Indiana and the UNDER 150

UNCG -105 MONEYLINE vs Lipscomb

Enjoy the games! Patronize your local Hooters. Don’t do crack and of course…Enjoy all the SCORCHING HOT ACTION!!!


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