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Bryce Harper’s Record Falls So Fast and It Is So Beautiful

Mike Trout once again proves his dominance of all with new 12 year 430 million dollar extension

After 18 days of being biggest contract in MLB history record for Bryce Harper is gone. Not only is it gone but has been obliterated. As I reported a couple of weeks ago Harper had the bigger overall contract, though not a great one. Well now Mike Trout outdid him in a big way.

As most of you know by now Mike Trout has signed a 12 year, $430 million dollar deal. That’s right, $100 million a year more. Not only 100 million more, but doing so in 1 less year. This contract will be a major bar set, though don’t expect anyone to come close.

Mookie Betts is loving the news but he knows to think closer to a Machado/Harper deal than Trout. Yes he is reigning MVP, but Trout has 2. Trout is the guy who is so good you see it even on a horrible team. He has pretty similar, though higher power, numbers to Mookie. But to have RBI’s with not many good hitters to get on base is a very hard thing to do but Trout does year after year.

Trout is one of those once in a lifetime type of player, and got paid for it. He also is a guy who keeps his head out of trouble so it’ll never bring damage to his or the Angels name. Now let’s get the season really going!Written by Mike Fleury follow me on Twitter @MikeFleury101

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