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Will WWE change mind on women main event at Mania?

2 months ago had an all Women’s WrestleMania Main event, but Kofi Kingston stopped all that momentum.

If you had asked anyone in wrestling circles in early February who was closing the biggest show of the year, WrestleMania 35, one answer was on all lips. The opinion of all was that for a first time ever the show would have the coveted closing spot handed to women. It felt like the right time, mid Women’s Evolution, coming a few months after a first time all women’s WWE pay per view. Add in the names in the mix were huge, the daughter of legendary performer Charlotte Flair, the talk of the internet and self proclaimed “Man” Becky Lynch and UFC hall of famer Ronda Rousey. It had in all corners became super evident, but like most things in sports entertainment there was a “not so fast” moment.

That moment started building a week before the Elimination Chamber PPV when WWE title contender Mustafa Ali suffered a real life concussion and pulled him out of a planned WWE title match. In his place WWE officials put Kofi Kingston in the place, and the res has changed the trajectory of the whole show. The fans have gotten so heavily behind Kofi that all plans for Mania have gotten scrapped for Daniel Bryan and WWE title.

At start of the year all rumors swirled around either Kevin Owens or Mustafa Ali. Never in any thoughts or ideas did a plan involve a title shot for Kingston. But when the fans jumped on his back WWE brass had no choice but to make changes. And now it seems like Kofi is destined to fight for the title down in New Jersey.

Now with the loss of interest in Ronda/Becky/Charlotte and fans hatred of Brock Lesnar, Vince McMahon has a dilemma. Either give the fans of his product who made him worth 3.5+ billion dollars what they want, or appease a main stream media that could care less. McMahon has though knowledge if his showcase at MetLife Stadium doesn’t end on a good note fans will start highjacking the crowds the next couple of nights in NYC and will become talk of news and social media.

Only time will tell, and in 22 days we will see I Kofi keeps his spot and if they close the show. but here’s to a Boston boy rocking it in MetLife.Written by Mike Fleury follow me on Twitter @MikeFleury101

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