Experiences With Abstaining From the Internet (and Especially From YouTube). Part 2.1: Improvements—Productivity

If you haven’t read Part 1 of this series, I recommend you check it out:


I must also explain here that this subject is one that is best appreciated on an individual-to-individual basis. In other words, it is important to continually think critically about the ideas and anecdotes that I present here. Ultimately, these are just observations that I have made, and you should take your own experiences, circumstances, and needs into account when considering them and when attempting to replicate them.

Now then, for the improvements.

Increase in General Productivity

Lacking access to the distractions that the internet, and especially YouTube, is all too happy to whirl you in, you are left with what you would otherwise be doing: the things that you were trying to distract yourself from. These are usually tasks that you need to complete and problems that you need to solve. Of course, it’s not like you’ve been distracting yourself from these tasks and problems for no reason—they’re difficult to confront. They are, at least, things that don’t cough up gratification to you with a few simple swipes/pokes against a screen that’s three inches wide. But they are endeavors far more worthwhile than that of lying in a bed for several hours straight consuming content that most assuredly is not going to bring you where you know deep down you want to be in life. Or, worse, perhaps the things that you watch, or the amount of time that you spend watching those things, not only don’t bring you where you would really like to be at in life, but, on top of that, actively take you farther away from said places, and entrench you deeper in the circumstances that you would really rather not have to continue enduring. Taking time away from aimless internet usage and putting it towards truly worthwhile endeavors will assist you in not going down that ugly path.

Your life becomes so much more pristine after you pull yourself out of all of that digital junk. You will see how spacious your schedule becomes, and with that, new life possibilities will dawn unto you spectacularly. Your time and your attention have been freed up to explore and conquer that new and exciting territory. Take to it with an adventurous spirit.

Alternatively, you could think about what you are doing not so much as abstaining from the internet, but, rather, as filling the time that each day allots to you with a greater number of worthwhile pursuits. After all, the ultimate goal of spending less time on YouTube isn’t to just not be on YouTube, a feat that, in and of itself, may only amount to one of asceticism. The ultimate goal is to pursue and obtain the things in life that you know deep down you would really like to have, and to become the person that you would really like to be. Spending less time on the internet is only a means of facilitating and accelerating that process. One of many, in fact. And, if you’re occupied with such worthwhile activities, then, guess what…you’re probably not on the internet; at least, not aimlessly. So make a list of things that you’d like to do with your life. Is there something you’ve been really wishing you had the time to do? Is there a talent that you’d like to develop? A particular experience that you’d like to have? A cause that you’d really like to get behind? A book that you’d really like to read? All of these and many, many more are worthwhile pursuits. What you choose to do with all of the time and attention that you salvage as a result of your efforts is a decision that only you as the unique individual that you are, with all of your tendencies and peculiarities and deviation from the average, and destiny, can make.

By Sha’Kim Bush

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    • Thank you so much, that really means a lot. Sorry for the late comment, my email can get pretty clogged up and hard to read through as a result. More to come soon on this topic though, and other topics, too. Take care now.

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