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What a start to the 2019 Conference Tournament season we’ve had so far and to think 10 conferences tip off tourney play today with 3 still to go!!!

Since Saturday when we rode our first Finals UNDER to victory its been an emotional roller coaster filled with ups & downs for all of us here at Scorching Hot Action! The highs & lows experienced so far this Conference Tourney season are on par with those felt in a long marriage or even a brief addiction to crack. Whatever the results, we persevere and plunge on bravely!

We strongly touted rocking those Conference Tourney Finals UNDERS but have also added a few extra morsels of action to get in on this conference tourney season so lets see how we’re doing.

Finals Unders got off to a great start with a fairly easy win on a high 155.5 O/U in the Ohio Valley Final which saw Murray St punch the first ticket to the big dance. From there its been a bit rocky. Sunday we went 1-2 with the MVC final holding down the only finals Under for us. Monday we split between the MAAC final where we lost and Southern final where Wofford came back big to grab the crown all while keeping the scoring low. Tuesday’s action was pretty tough for multiple reasons which I’ll get to briefly, but in Finals Unders we went 2-3, bringing us to 5-6 total so far in conference tourney finals Unders. The past few days have been a bit tough, but like Grill reminded me last night there are still 21 conference tourney finals to go!!!

Along with all this finals Unders action we’re also getting in on some extra action. As I mentioned in my last piece I’m also rolling with the Unders in conference tourney semis played on a neutral court and so far so good. A strong 5-1 start has propelled us to a 9-5 record in neutral court semis so far in those Unders, but wait….there’s MORE!

Sunday night Grill mentioned how the 1st half in all the finals so far had gone Under, 4-0, and he regretted not getting in on it so I grabbed hold of that great tip and have been riding it since. Now the results haven’t been great since I jumped on board, but if you throw in those first 4 games the numbers look pretty good. The six finals where I’ve jumped in on the 1st half Under have gone 1-3-2, but again if you throw in those first four games Grill mentioned its a nice 5-3-2 record. I have to deal with what I’ve wagered on so I’ve only got the singular win but its not as bad as it looks. I missed one 1st half finals Under when Iona hit a 3 with three seconds before halftime to push that Under OVER by half a point, combine that with two pushes from yesterday and things don’t look so bad. Besides, I have 21 more 1st half finals Unders to hit!!!


Yesterday was a tough, really backwards day. The past two years it has seemed that the smaller conference finals had more of a record of going Under so when we had 4 of those type games going yesterday I thought for sure we’d be in the green. WRONG. Three of those finals went Over by a lot and the most surprising thing of all was that the Gonzaga/St Mary’s West Coast Conference Final was the only final of the day to go Under for the game and Under for the 1st half and both went Under with ease. The Zags frequently score over 80, 90 even. GO FIGYA?!?!!?! As bad as yesterday was I did have a personal highlight. The Double Dip of the Night definitely goes to my Coppin St +3(vs Morgan State) & the OVER 143 in MEAC opening round play! SCORCHING HOT!!!

The last bit of extra fun piece of action I started rocking has been the OVER in opening round conference tourney play. So far I’m 2-3-2 with a shit ton of opening round games to play. There are 26 of them just today!!! For those of you scoring at home, a “shit ton” is equal to or greater than 26. ANYWHO…speaking of today, it’s a light day for finals and no semis. Only the Patriot League will crown a champion tonight so don’t forget to get that Bucknell/Colgate UNDER in…and remember to rock that 1st half Under as well!

Before I go here are a few of Chardonnay’s choice picks for Wednesday…

Providence +1 vs Butler

UAB -4.5 vs Middle Tennessee St

UNDER 129.5 in the UGA/Mizzou SEC Tourney Opener

Good luck, have fun and enjoy ALL the SCORCHING HOT ACTION!!!


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