Is Navig the East Coast’s Hidden Gem


It’s a ton of rappers in the world nowadays. So in order to stand out amongst an oversaturated field it takes quite a bit these days!! Whether it’s crispy visuals, an interesting look, or just catchy songs!! The question that must be asked, what about Navig? His videos are on point, take for example the visuals for his song “All I Know” where he flexes on the competition in a scenic Baltimore or even his song “Hunnid” with a hypnotic chorus as Navig counts his bankroll to a backdrop of a stripper and alternates between him rapping in front of a luxury vehicle at the lake!!  The music is trap oriented but has some pop sensibilities. While I feel the one criticism is that him being and East Coast artist he has more in common with Down South artists on these particular songs as opposed to capturing the grittiness of the East Coast lifestyle. I feel that it is a lightness to his music that could be to his benefit or detriment career-wise. Also I wish the music kind of served as a backstory of who Navig is as an artist. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!!

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