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Saturday’s Secret Scorcher


HELLO! HELLO! HELLO! It’s the second weekend in March and the Action is quickly approaching SCORCHING HOT levels. We are well underway in conference tourney play as ten tournaments already have games in the books. We have two sets of semifinals going today, a bunch of quarters and tonight we’ll have the first official ticket to the big dance punched when the Ohio Valley Conference crowns its champion. So much action and to think there are still 19 tournaments that haven’t even tipped off yet. SCORCHING HOT!!!

We are HUGE Conference Tourney fans and think that in totality it brings just as much, if not more, scorching hot action than the actual NCAA Tourney. With so many games to track and so many wagers to consider your head could spin completely off by the madness brought by early March, but we’ve been zeroing in on a little strategy the past few years that’s starting to “trend” as the kids say. I heard about it a few years back, did a little research to see if in fact it was a thing somewhere and if there was enough data to back it up and make it worth the gamble and after two years its surely proven to be a winner and something to ride for all 32 conference tournaments. Our little Scorching Hot Secret…bet the UNDERS in all conference tournament finals. The theory has foundations in betting Unders in early season tournaments which although fewer in games, is similar in fashion as it relates to playing multiple games in consecutive days at a neutral sight. Makes sense when you think about, especially early in the season when most teams are still figuring things out and aren’t in prime offensive form. The theory then spun into taking that tournament scheduling theory and lay it into the longer, higher stakes conference tournaments and by golly Ms. Jollie the numbers bore out to the tune of just about 61%. Not too shabby, “I’d take that to the bank” I thought to myself and so I did. My first season was an excitingly successful run going 19-12-1(roughly 60%) during the 2017 Conference Tournament finals and followed that up with an 18-11-3 run last March. To be quite honest, I remember the pushes being as exciting to watch play out as the wins & losses. The perfect combination of volume of chances to hit a tourney final Under, the number of games a team has to play on consecutive days to win a tournament and the pressure involved in trying to win a conference tournament championship makes for a nice recipe for the Under. YUM YUM YUM!!!

So here we are again, just hours before the first Conference Tournament final of the season and of course we are rolling with the UNDER 154 in the Murray State/Belmont Ohio Valley Conference Tournament Final!!! These are the top two seeds in the Ohio Valley and they have identical in-conference and all around records. Belmont gets the slight edge as they beat Murray State back in January by 13 on the road in a game that went UNDER at 157.5. We don’t think twice. We trust the process. Don’t think about it, just do the UNDER. TRUST.

With the action heating up to thermonuclear proportions I’m dipping my toes into expanded conference tourney Under waters this season and adding a twist. Along with riding the Under in all the finals, I’m also rolling with the Unders in the conference tourney semifinals in games played at a neutral sight. So as I mentioned earlier there are two sets of semis going today, but we’re only riding one, the Missouri Valley. The entire MVC tournament is played at the Enterprise Center in St. Louis so nobody truly has a home court advantage. The other semis going today are in the Northeast Conference but those are played at the higher seeds home court so we’re staying away from that and going ALL IN on the MVC Semis!!!

Bradley & last year’s champion, Loyola-Chicago, are up first and we’re riding that very low 120 Under. Risky low but also excitingly risky. The 2nd game features top seeded Drake against Northern Iowa with a low but not as low as the 1st game Under of 131 and-a-hook!

So there you have it. It all starts today once again. Grill, myself and the fellas are all about these UNDERS and looking forward to another winning run this March. Third time’s gonna be the charm!

Plenty of other games the fellas like. Let’s take a look…

Chardonnay’s got a ton of early Saturday action going, so here’s what he likes coming up…Temple -1 vs UCF and Drake -1.5 in that MVC Semi.

Grill’s got a TON of action coming up today & tonight. Here are some highlights…

He also likes Drake but he has it at -1, remember Chardonnay is laying the the extra point. Grill has Temple in a 1st half pick ’em in that UCF game, he’s got K-State -6.5 hosting the Sooners, Utah -4.5 as the home fave vs UCLA and Georgia State +4.5 as the ROAD DAWG in Sizzling Sun Belt action!!!

There you have it. Good luck. Don’t forget about those Unders and enjoy all the SCORCHING HOT ACTION!!!


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