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Blue checkmarks can go to hell (and here’s why)

Why the “blue checkmark” brigade needs to get the stick out of their ass and let some of us normals with actual scoops in on the game.

Let’s be clear: I don’t want a blue checkmark, and nor do I deserve one. I have 49 (woah, that’s weird) followers on Twitter, which is an absolute disgrace. Interesting side note: my instagram has also lost 20 followers in the last few months for some reason. Maybe because people are pussies, I have no idea. I have to be completely honest: I don’t know how to get followers. I refuse to follow other stupid accounts, so maybe that’s why.

Recently, there have been rashes of blue checkmark having, political correctness worshiping, liberal sob artist users on Twitter “policing” the masses, trying to put down or “debunk” anyone who claims they have a source or scoop on a story that isn’t a fellow blue checkmark. Wars are also waged against those who celebrate pro-conservative arguments , pro-Trump voices, or anything resembling the slightest smell of anti-liberal bullshit. Even companies like Deadspin are mounting a full on progressive and libtard circle jerk in an effort to “take down” users and companies who value humor and poking fun of the overwhelming “PC” culture.

But, my main argument comes from this:

The above tweet is a 100% TRUE and FACTUAL STORY. I have two close personal sources and one family member that works for Kraft Sports Group. But since I don’t have the blue checkmark, I’m not paid attention to. I am a proverbial punching bag on twitter if I decide to break something.

Side note: Butler had weed on him (proving getting caught by the NFL for smoking weed is legitimately difficult and you have to be Bob Marley level addicted to it in order to be caught) and had missed curfew the night before the Super Bowl.

Here’s another one. I have people I know who are involved with, or have played for teams in the MLB. It’s just that simple. I hear things, I don’t mention names, and boom, I have information. But since there is no actual following to speak of, the little dribs and drabs of commentary I get are generally from a-holes (with ABSOLUTELY NO SOURCES) that harp hit me with: “Well you think he’d have signed with them then.” News flash: he did you fucking parental basement dweller.

This all brings me to my final point. Antonio Brown. Yup, the diva wide receiver who supposedly was being sent to the Buffalo Bills around 11pm last night, but then he wasn’t. NFL “insider” Ian Rapoport was quick to the draw for some reason. Him and pee boy Adam Schefter have always been connected to “sources” around the league, which can be summed up as one big ass-grab between low level team executives and two reporters who somehow get all of the scoops first in exchange for what I can only imagine is pictures of feet and whatever Schefter is into. Maybe midget porn. Schefter is into midget porn.

So, after this BOMB hits the twitter, Buffalo fans shit themselves and begin to celebrate a Super Bowl, only to be brought down to earth that, in fact, foot fetish Rapoport had been duped by a low level executive for the Bills that most likely was fired upon being exposed as a rat by new GM Beane. A “spring cleaning” of sorts. (It’s typical for new management regimes to float fake stories in order to clean house of unwanted leaks in the privacy screen, but they usually don’t get to Schefter or Rap Sheet levels of interest).

Some saw the “breaking” of the Antonio Brown to the Bills story as a reaction a story that broke Schefter or any of the “low level” twitter NFLers got their hands on it. Like this move only 15 hours before:

Shit like that, even if it’s by a “blue checkmark,” is unacceptable by NFL standards. They have to control the narrative, and there’s a general notion out there that even if you know something, you’re supposed to keep your mouth shut, never reveal any sources, or just have some respect for the profession that you chose as a journalist. But, we live in 2019. Everyone is vying for a role in social media, with the end being a massive pay day or at least increasing the value of your brand. That’s what Nate did for Barstool, and that’s exactly what the NFL doesn’t want: proliferation of “non-elites” plopping stories before they can be “confirmed” by the “experts.”

The big boys of the twitter and major sports league universe won’t like the up and coming young bucks getting involved with their game. It devalues their brand, and exposes the system for what it is: bullshit. We need to start standing up to this nonsense of being forced into a corner with all the other “twitter users” out there just hanging on the platform for entertainment. Some of us know shit, and we’re to be respected. Blue checkmark or not, we were right before the “experts,” because we had the balls to type it out first.

So, believe in what you want, but know the scoop is closer than you think. There’s about two or three degrees of separation between you and the truth, you just have to find some friends who are in the know and don’t abuse the power, or expose the source.

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  1. ian rapoport looks like a guy who enjoys the taste of his own dick

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