Role Reversal: The Celtics and Bruins wild seasons are opposite fans expectations

Boston Bruins have been hot of late and are the real dominant team this year at the garden

Coming into the 2018-19 NBA and NHL seasons we knew the Bruins and Celtics were both going to probably be playoff teams. But it seems they mixed up their plans as the ‘team to beat’ Celtics are middle of the road and the ‘up and coming’ Bruins are #3 overall in NHL. It’s like things have gone nuts at the Garden.

We all know the Celtics are floundering and spiralling. Even now Jaylen Brown admits the atmosphere is turning toxic. But you would think talent would at least give them a first round home series as at least a 2 or 3 seed in the East. Now sitting at the 5 seed and no feasible way up, this team will need a miracle to go deep in the playoffs and save the season.

Now when it comes to the Bruins, things look great. This team in a way reminds you of the Celtics a couple of years ago. Veteran help and a good young up and coming group. A couple years away from being special. But look now and if they were in the Metro they’d have the division on lock down. Behind only the incredible Lightning the Bruins are hot and keeping pace.

Not only are they exceeding expectations, they are doing it with a revolving door of injuries. Between McAvoy, Chara, Bergeron and now Pastranak they have very rarely wielded the original lineup we expected for this season. Bruce Cassidy, a man some thought could be on hot seat this year has iced that chair down like Mr Freeze shot at it. The one major thing stopping a Stanley Cup run is division mate Lightning, who are just a juggernaut.Maybe it’s time the Celtics check out a Bruins game or practice and see a real team. And maybe it’s time Stevens stops believing all his own hype. Because him and the Celtics are fixing to lose all the Goodwill the city gave them. The Bruins definitely with open arms are ready to accept it.

Written by Mike Fleury follow me on Twitter @mikefleury101

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