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A Reason to Drink (3/5)

It is very important that we look back on the events of the past. We do this to educate ourselves. To study study history and apply our knowledge to see that it does not repeat itself. And more importantly events from the past (both victories and tragedies) give us a reason to become overly intoxicated.

If you are looking for a reason to drink today then I have one for you. Today is the 249th Anniversary of the Boston Massacre. A group of Americans (still British colonists at this point but who care) tossed some snow balls as a form of protest at British soldiers. In response to this the British had one of the most unnecessary reactions in colonial history. In response to this snowball fight, the British fired their muskets and killed 5 of the Americans (Again, I know they aren’t technically Americans yet). We Americans eventually got our revenge (google Battle of Yorktown for evidence), but today is a day to remember this tragedy.

There is no better way to show you care about something than to drink to it. So, all you good Americans out there, start drinking to show your god damn respect.

Some suggestions on how to do this in the most patriotic fashion. But these are just suggestions. As long as alcohol is being consumed you can not go wrong.

1.) Boston Larger: What better way to show your support for America than drinking a Sam Adams. The most American Craft beer on the market.

2.) Jack Daniel’s: Again, Jack Daniel’s is America, so pretty self explanatory.

3.) Snowball Bloody Mary: I made this up earlier today and I’m quite proud of the idea. It’s just a regular Bloody Mary except you use snow instead of ice. The snowballs to represent the American protest and the Bloody Mary to represent the innocent American blood that was spilled. You’re welcome for the symbolism.

Stay tuned for more excuses to drink on random week days. I’m just trying to look out for the people, so we can honor our history.


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