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Do I Need to Request March 18th Off?

One of the best day drinking holidays of the year will soon be upon us. Comparable only to Independence Day in terms of quantity of alcohol consumed when the sun was still up. And I am crazy excited for St. Patrick’s Day.

As a UMass Alumnus, we did not always get the chance to truly celebrate this holiday on the proper day. Because of a general fear from the town and school, we were all far away from Amherst on Spring Break. This was rectified when a visionary decided to celebrate two weeks early and call it Blarney Blowout. Blarney ran bright and hot for a few years, but towards the end of my time at UMass new school policies killed the holiday dead. Current UMass students still drink on the day and wear green, but the whole event is just a shadow of its former self.

Now that my college days are behind me it’s time to be an adult. That means instead of getting blackout drunk on some random weekend in March like a child, I will get black out drunk on St. Patrick’s day like a god damn man (and probably the day before).

When the two day bender ends on Sunday evening on full work day will be coming at me real fast. There is no way I can handle that. This leaves me with a tough decisions. Do I request that Monday off knowing full well my manager will know it for a hangover or do I call out sick the day of for the same reason. I think either way I look like an alcoholic, but one option must make more sense than the other, right?

If I request off in advance then it looks like I was planning on getting too drunk to leave my bed the next day. Also then I have to use a personal day, which are much harder to come by then sick days. However, then they could expect my absence and be more ready for the day. Less animosity from co workers this way.

If I call out sick the day of then I’m just an asshole. It would be abundantly clear that I never had any intention of showing up. But then I could save a personal day and could lie and say I was sick. No one will be leave me but also they won’t have the audacity to call me out on it.

My mind is not made up yet but I’m really leaning towards being an asshole and embracing the hate.


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