No Quarterbacks in 2019 Draft

It’s the NFL offseason and that only means one thing. Time to talk about the draft. Every year NFL ready players come into the league and make an immediate impact on there teams. This year will be no different. However (Hot Take Alert), I do not see any of the quarterbacks having much, if any, success this season.

I’m not saying all they are all trash, but I do not believe any of them are NFL ready. All of them are project guys, who will need time to develop. I think of any team uses a first round pick on a QB then they will consider it a mistake by this time next year. There’s no wow factor. I don’t see a Watson or Mayfield in this draft. I teams are smart they will take defensive players this year.

It’s a draft with seemingly endless defensive talent. Especially at Pass Rush. Teams need to use those 1st and even 2nd round picks on the best players in the draft. Those players are not quarter backs. Don’t use your early picks on a project QB. Wait on them until the mid-rounds. Taking a QB early his year will only lead to regret and GM’s looking for work in 2020.

However, I also thought Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen would be hot garbage, while thinking that Braxton Miller and Jake Locker would go on to be elite NFL QBs, so what do I know?  Trust what I say with caution, but I highly doubt anyone else will have more accurate predictions in the crap shoot that is the NFL Draft.



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