Luxury Apartments are Taking Over

I am in the market for a a new apartment. My current studio (aka my mom’s living room with a curtain up) just isn’t quite doing it for my anymore. Now that I’m making slightly above minimum wage I need to go out and spread my wings.

I did not realize how incredibly fucking difficult that would be. I’m from Revere. For those of our readers who need context Revere is a shitty “suburb” of Boston. I’ve lived here most of my life so I can, with great confidence, say that it is shitty. Don’t worry I’ve prepared some evidence to paint a little word picture for you. Exhibit A: It is so dirty that the city had to provide everyone with special trash cans to deal with the rat epidemic. Exhibit B: A couple years ago a “Mother’s Day Brawl” broke out at Revere Beach that involved like 100 people. Exhibit C: They built a new middle school a while back and spelled the word “Academy” wrong when they initially put up the sign.

I have enough examples to go down the whole alphabet, but that will just depress me and I think at this point I’ve set the stage for those you your unfamiliar with the city. All in all, it’s not a great place.

So why the hell do they keep building god damn luxury apartment buildings. Nobody wants a luxury apartment in Revere. Classy people like that want to live in Cambridge or Brookline. They want to be in places like assembly row. They do not want to live next to Revere Beach where they are more likely to step on a heroin needle than a seashell.

Yet, Revere Beach is now lined with luxury apartment buildings. It’s insane. $2700 for one bedroom? You shitting me? They all boast pointless amenities like an infinity pool on the roof when the ocean is a stones throw away. Or free shuttle into Boston when your from door is in view of a train stop.

Revere and just everywhere in the area need to calm the fuck down with luxury places. Build normal apartment. Somewhere between Section 8 and Tony Stark’s House.

I didn’t really care about gentrification but now that it directly effects my life, I’m livid.


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