Dental Insurance is a Scam

I recently was looking at my pay stubs, you know with it being tax season and everything, and I was somewhat appalled by how little money that I make. Now, I know that I’m getting paid less than what some would consider “a livable wage”. But, seeing it laid out for me week after week was depressing. This led to me looking at the money being taken out of my paycheck each payday. There were taxes, and retirement, and random other bullshit chipping away a my salary. However, that was expected.

What jumped out to me was that I have dental insurance (humble brag I know). I didn’t have dental at my last few jobs or in college. I would pay out of pocket at sketchy ass places, but now I have dental. And the thing is I completely forgot. I have been paying every month for a service I forgot I had.

But honestly, now that I’ve made this realization, my habits won’t change. I’m not going to look into my insurance plan and see what it covers. I’ll do what any good American does and assume it covers nothing. Sure I bet cleanings are covered, but all the other shit? No, way.

I’d rather brush my teeth twice a day and live in ignorance than go get a cleaning and find out all my teeth are falling out. Will I cancel my insurance? Hell no. I have the irrational fear that tooth cancer exists and if I get it the only way I won’t die is by already having dental insurance. So I’ll continue to pay every week, not use the service, and bitch about it to anyone that will listen.

Stay tuned for when the government realizes I’m on my mom’s family plan and I need to start paying my own health insurance. Thats day is gonna suck.


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