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MoMo Is Spreading Like The Plague.

I dont understand how somebody can stand so close to an object/creature telling kids to touch stoves , take pills ect. The man in this picture either has enjoyment out of this or has no idea what is actually happening. Starting with a 12 year old committing suicide and leading over to the U.S. Parents….we need to make this stop.

Back in 2016, a statue called “Mother Bird” designed by a Japanese special effects company, Link Factory, was displayed at the Vanilla Gallery in Tokyo. In another world, you’d probably never have heard anything about “Mother Bird.” No offense to its creators. But for reasons I can only explain as “because the internet,” the bird — with its eerie eyes and strange proportions — took on another life online. It’s now known as Momo, a creepy internet meme paired with so-called “challenges” — essentially dares ranging from silly things to self-harm — sent via WhatsApp and Facebook. The gist is you have to do whatever Momo — or, really, the person sending you the Momo image — says, or else Momo will come for you and your family and curse you. The final step in the process is, according to urban legend, killing yourself and filming it.

In 2018, a 12-year-old girl in Argentina died by suicide, hanging herself in her family’s backyard. Some reports claimed the girl took her own life as part of the Momo challenge. This was never confirmed, and there have been no deaths in the United States connected to the meme. Which makes it a little strange that we’re once again talking about Momo in 2019. Strange, but given the way the web works, not that surprising

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