I’ve Solved the Biggest Problem Facing the NCAA

Now this is by no means a new issue, but with the recent Zion injury it’s being talked about again. NCAA players are putting there bodies on the line and getting nothing more than an education.

I by no means want to devalue the importance of education. However, the colleges themselves have put a price tag on the college experience. The tuition for state school is around $30,000 and for private about $50,000. To put that in perspective the athletes at private schools are being “paid” about the same as someone in an entry level sales job who is incredible average at the job. Public University athletes are making about what the most incompetent person on a sales team would make. The market for world class athletes is much higher than this, yet the NCAA is getting away with paying these low salaries in the form of free tuition.

The NCAA is greedy as we all know. They are not going to suddenly start cutting into their profits to pay players. So, how can the NCAA keep all their money and still have the athletes be compensated? I will tell you exactly how. Have sponsors pay the the athletes for post season play. Worried Bowl games in College Football don’t matter because stars are sitting? Pay the players on the active roster the day of the game. Toss a sponsor association on each of the million March madness games. The good teams who make it seeps get paid a bunch. The shot teams that don’t get paid a little.

I’m not going to sit here and claim to know the exact number players should be paid. We can let the nerds over at Harvard crunch the numbers on that. What I do know is that the sponsors have money and the players want money.

If a member of the NCAA or any athletic governing agency reads this and wants to hire me I have a resume available.


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