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Is it too early to start drinking?

Now when answering this question I’m not taking into account holidays, tailgates, brunches, or another special reason. We are just going to take a look at, on a typical day, when can we start drinking.

There used to be a clear and simple answer to this question. It was a rule we could all abide by. But the system in place that guided us in our drinking was taken away by none other than McDonald’s. Just a couple of years ago, when you wanted to day drink for no reason and were questioning if it was too early, you only had to ask yourself one question:

“Is McDonald’s still serving breakfast?” If the answer to this question was yes then you could not start drinking without there being a solid argument that you were an alcoholic. It was clear, sometimes frustrating but clear. There was a hard line that you could make a decision on whether you were willing to cross it. With McDonald’s serving all day breakfast the line has been blurred.

We are living in a gray (or is it grey?) area. Unsure of when we can stop our sobriety. Now I know that McDonalds has been doing this all day breakfast nonsense for years at this point. However, I for one, am done with it. Cancel McDonald’s breakfast and give me the clarity I need to day drink in peace.

…..on the flip side an Egg McMuffin and a Bud Light is a very underrated combo. Now I’m conflicted.


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