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Soulja Boy and Tyga Diss Each Other Over “Thotiana” Beat


Soulja Boy has been making one of the most impressive comebacks of 2019 thanks to his most recent press run. Soulja claimed he smashed professional thot Blac Chyna on Twitter in a Tyga-directed Tweet Sunday night (Feb. 24th) saying “I fucked yo baby mama and played Fortnite with yo son”, who happens to be the mother of Tyga’s child. Tyga clapped back with a L.A leakers show freestyle rapping “Nigga call me a G.O.A.T., don’t call it a comeback/7 million records, nine months, where’s Soulja at?” Tyga rapped on the L.A. Leakers show. “I can make the same song, bitches will still play that/Running ’round saying that you made me, why you say that?”

Soulja Boy responded with the “Thotiana Freestyle (Tyga Diss).” In his remix, the console and gaming creator brags about smashing Chyna while her son with Tyga was in the other room.

“Niggas don’t want drama/Word around town, I fucked his baby mama,” Soulja Boy raps. “Yeah, kaboom, with your son in the other room/Smoke dope, smoke dope, got big gas/Pull up drop top that’s a paper tag/He got drug out the club by security, I know he big mad.”

The line in the diss about Tyga being drug about by club security is in reference to Tyga being escorted out Floyd Mayweather’s 42nd birthday party.

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