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Stand Up Comic: Daniel Sloss

There is a comedian coming to town who will be worth checking out. His name is Daniel Sloss, and he will be performing this Saturday (March 2nd) at the Wilbur Theatre. He is on Netflix, and definitely worth listening to beforehand. His humor is precisely what makes comedy the wonderful art that it is. It is dark, offensive, clever, and honest. His jokes address topics that normally make people feel very uncomfortable. He knows this, obviously, and openly enjoys the tension that his material creates. It is great to watch.

Even though his jokes can easily be taken the wrong way, he makes valid points, and is very aware of how his act affects his audience. He does it however, with class. He is an intelligent comic, and what he writes is done with a very tasteful touch. Furthermore, his frankness helps his audience understand that he is really just a man who likes to poke fun at the world with no harm intended. This is exactly what comedy is, has been, and should be!

Comedy is a unique art form which allows the speaker to address topics that would otherwise be taboo in everyday conversation. Not only this, but it allows this person to address political issues, express opinions on life, sex, and culture freely, openly, and honestly. The real kicker here is that through these discussions, you laugh! It is why I love it so much. It is what many people love about it, why they are drawn to it, and build careers out of it.

With that all said, Daniel Sloss will be in Boston this Saturday to entertain, disturb, and test the jovial mindset of us Bostonians. It will be a great show. I will be there myself, enjoying every moment (hopefully) of this Scottish born comic.


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