Will R. Kelly Get Bond Today


A small victory for the #MuteRKelly movement occurred last night as R. Kelly turned himself into the Chicago Police Department yesterday. He is due in court today and the Judge will decide if he gets bond. A big deal in the singers case because he is facing 70 years in prison. His lawyer Steve Greenberg claims his innocence. R.Kelly is charged with 10 counts of aggravated sexual assaults.

The sad part of this situation is that R. Kelly has been allowed to operate as a predator for so long because of his celebrity status. Since the rumors of his marriage to 15-year old Aaliyah or when he was hanging out at Kenwood High School. Even when he was charged in 2008 he wasn’t convicted, as lawyer Michael Avenatti revealed recently how he rigged his trial. Will R. Kelly be convicted this time?

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