Only A Stupid State Like Florida Would Charge Robert Kraft With Solicitation

Since Robert Kraft has been the owner of the New England Patriots they have won six Super Bowls and his reward for that is being charged with solicitation of prostitution. Keep in mind that he is a widower and 77 years of age. That sentence alone should show the guy some compassion. The Jupiter Police Department is arresting the individuals who go into this establishment and the people who run it, but the girls who engage in the sexual acts are being “trafficked” and held against their will. This is a movement to take away accountability of the prostitutes who are vying for the money of their rich clientele such as Boston Based equity firm owner John Childs.

Prostitution is one of the worlds oldest profession and charging the men who pay for the sexual services but offering sanctum to the women who are actually facilitating the act seems ass backwards and only a state such as Florida would charge a model citizen like Robert Kraft.

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