Lexi Alijai Drops Fire New Single “Anthony”


The St. Paul, Minnesota native Lexi Alijai has a new single out called “Anthony” and it’s pretty dope!! The 21 year old rapper has been grinding since she was a teen and her hard work has been paying dividends with a devoted fanbase of over 44k followers on Instagram, but don’t let the pretty face fool you!! Lexi is a serious emcee with over 66 tracks on her Soundcloud and is considered by many of her peers as one of the top up and comers in hip-hop, “Anthony” is evidence that her pen game is on a different level!!

She has an impressive catalogue of music. With an over crowded field of talented female emcees from Sa-Roc to Dutch ReBelle, Lexi’s best advantage is her youth. She has some creative concepts song-wise and is definitely marketable and it would be nice to see her work that angle with more visuals!! I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up holding the top spot for female emcees in a year or two!!

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