Netflix Series: Travelers

Netflix has such a vast library of wonderful shows and movies, that it can be hard to decide what to watch. Personally, I tend to browse, scroll, watch a preview, and continue to scroll for thirty minutes before I either choose something terrible or turn it off from a system overload. With so much content out there, it helps to have a friend to recommend great shows and movies. I am here to be that friend.

Although I tend to stick with movies, when I do find a series, it is always a good one. If it does not grasp me from the very beginning and keeps that hold on me consistently with each episode, then it dies out and I stop watching. With that being said, I am also picky about time period. If the show is too old, has too many seasons, and is just too much work to update myself with, I scratch it off the list, regardless of quality. I tell you this to assure you that when I find a show worth recommending, it is worth watching.

The series is called Travelers. It began in 2016, and released its latest season in 2018. Four years is arguably an “old show”, but it falls in my timeline. Created by Brad Wright, Travelers is an intense sci-fi mystery that will have you hitting that “play next” button from season one, episode one. It stars Eric McCormack (Grant McLaren) as a kick ass FBI Agent from the future. Along with his team, Mackenzie Porter (Marcy Warton), Nesta Cooper (Carly Shannon), Jared Abrahamson (Trevor Holden), and Reilly Dolman (Philip Pearson). Together these five work through missions in the 21s Century to change events for a better future.

Admittedly it is a pretty standard storyline. What separates this show from the pack of all other sci-fi, future based dramas, is the witty dialogue, great acting by both stars and minor characters, and the layers of unexpected twists and turns that will make it impossible for you to predict what will happen next. The only solution will be to keep watching.

Take full advantage of this netflix series before it is removed. I do not know when it will be, or if they plan to do so in the near future, but with Netflix, you really never know. It is best to get comfortable now, search it up in your browser, and enjoy this creative production by Brad Wright. If you are not recommending this show by the end of season one, then it is obvious our taste in television entertainment do not match. That is okay, I am flattered you gave it a try. I do however, highly doubt this will be the case. Perhaps you will enjoy it so much, you will go so far as to write a blog post about it. I did. Enjoy!


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