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When voting for President, you’re just voting for your favorite Character

So, here’s the kicker: none of it really, truly, actually matters.

That’s right. Politics are/is bullshit. Sure, on the local and even city-level, the people who represent us generally have a somewhat truthful agenda or some governing principals that they wish to see placed into law.

But on the National level, it’s all just a scam.

Take the 2020 (predominantly Democratic) Presidential Candidates into account for example:

In full, there are over 500 people who have officially filed to run for President in 2020, the majority of whom are Democrats.

Every one of these suck bags are just putting on a grand old marketing scheme designed to wet your whistle. Whether it’s to get a donation, convince you to volunteer, or just plain old trick you into thinking your vote for them will really matter, it’s all a big scam.

The way it works is simple. And, please, before you try and tear down my understanding of this – this type of trickery used to be my main source of income. I “retired” in 2012 after lurking in the depths of managing these attention whores for almost 7 years, succumbing to the pain of working almost 100 hours each week to get these people elected. My record is 6-5 for those who care, which is a generally high score for someone of my age.

Let’s be clear, none of these money-hungry fools care about their messages. Rather, they care about what message will resonate the loudest for your attention to be grabbed. Generally speaking – they don’t believe in what they say, and don’t stand for the platform on which they’re running. They’re a big, bad, marketing wolf here to get elected. Once in office, after 10 years of “the grind,” they either slink away to the private sector with free healthcare and pensions for life, or, they attempt to run for higher office depending on the competition, like these lemmings for example:

Now, most of the ding dongs pictured above have posed a MAJOR problem to the Democratic Party and have weakened their chances of winning the presidency for their party. Generally labeled as, “progressives” or in more harsh terms, “socialists,” these softies are just going to split the vote, wear each other down, and be left with Warren and Sanders at the end of the day. I use the term “ding-dong” with the utmost sincerity.

All of these people represent the richest 10% of our earning economy. Most of them have written six-figure book deals, are independently wealthy from pre-election private sector success, and have many options laid out as to what future money making opportunities are in their not so distant future. They can even legally take a salary while running for President (campaign funds and elected official funds). There’s barely a distinction between them. They all want more money for the middle class, more social programs, and pretend to rail against the richest 1% claiming they’ll raise earned-income taxes to pay for proposed new programs. They all favor high business tax and favor social funding for free healthcare and retirement guarantees.

Our parent’s version of the Democratic Party doesn’t exist. There’s no longer a “conservative” Democrat that appeals to the American populous that vows to keep a tight watch on spending while effectively managing social programs without ballooning the national debt. Obama declared he’d “help the poor,” but ended up angering a majority of minority groups who didn’t get what he promised in 2008, causing them never to vote again because it just didn’t matter. Arguably, his only ability was being an efficient and skilled public speaker – which is very appealing to the majority of Americans.

So, here’s the kicker: none of it really, truly, actually matters. Unless it’s related to money, cost of healthcare/prescriptions, or access to social programs. But still, no MAJOR changes come from the election of a President in Massachusetts. Most of our Federal Laws aren’t valid here, because States or Commonwealths have more rights over their own people. The only thing that States are concerned with is Federal Funding or grants to keep the budget rolling.

Back in late 2018, I received a paycheck that was [slightly] higher than my normal take home pay. It was $40 more week to be exact. Now, THAT is what I call results. Sure, an extra $2,080/year isn’t a ton of green, but it’s a start. I don’t care where it came from, because it’s a positive for me. All I care about is positive cash flow and increase in revenue for anything.

So, in the next 21 or so months, please don’t be “all in” on any of these people. Sure, Orange Cheeto man may be a harsh, somewhat ignorant, outspoken suck-ball of ideas and rhetoric, but most of his actions are in the interest of making money since he’s a businessman. It’s how the real world works. Harsh bullying and game-playing are what make the corporate world go ’round. Yes, the wall is a silly talking point, and no, we’re not making Mexico pay for it. But, results are results, man. Jobs are jobs.

So, to all of you SJWs saying it’s more pressing to think about the “earth” in 200 years, rather than your bank account over the next few months: please use your brain bone. There’s nothing more urgent than taking care of the money, because for all intents and purposes, it’s the only thing that really matters.

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