Is Bernie Sanders Too Old To Be President In 2020?


Bernie Sanders announced he will make another attempt at being President of the United States in 2020. The Vermont Senator enters a crowded Democratic field with the progressive ally and beer drinking Elizabeth Warren (Native Americans shouldn’t drink). At 77 years of age it isn’t a candidate that has the integrity or moral fiber of Bernie Sanders. He has a great advantage over establishment politicians such as Senator Kamala Harris who failed to hold police accountable for shooting unarmed black citizens when she was the Attorney General of California or New Jersey Senator Cory Booker who has ties to Wall Street.

Even at the age of 77 Bernie is showing better signs of mental strength than say the current President Donald Trump who has been accused by former members of his own cabinet of “mental deterioration”. Trump is only five years younger than the Vermont Senator who wants to take back power from the global elite.

Considering he lost the Democratic nomination to Hillary Clinton in 2016, the problem for Sanders may not be age but familiarity. The American public has already decided they don’t want Sanders as President, so maybe he should go sit his “old ass down”.

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