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High Profile Attorney Michael Avenatti Bringing R. Kelly To Justice


Michael Avenatti has bought in billions of dollars in settlements in his career as a lawyer. If social media is any indicator R. Kelly could not only be paying out some big bucks for his years as a pedophile, but also facing prison time. Avenatti claims he has found a second tape of R. Kelly engaging in sexual acts with a minor and alleges a third tape also exists that he is on the verge of procuring and turning over to law enforcement. Avenatti also claims to have evidence that R. Kelly rigged his 2008 trial.

Rumors on social media say that a grand jury has been convened in Cook County, Illinois because of the tape which shows R. Kelly engaging in sexual acts with another 14 year old girl (not the same girl from the 2008 trial). R. Kelly has been receiving bad press on the heels of the Lifetime Surviving R. Kelly documentary because of allegations of abusing women and holding them against their will.

The case has put Avenatti who was once considered a possible 2020 Presidential hopeful back in the spotlight after being the representation for Stormy Daniels but lost popularity because of IRS troubles and domestic violence allegations.

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