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Stand Up Comic: Craig Conant

Craig Conant is my next featured comic for all of the readers who enjoy and appreciate the ballsy and difficult art of stand up comedy. This guy is straight out of Southern California. He has the hair, the voice, and the half Mexican bloodline to authenticate his Californian pedigree. This guy is funny. If you google “fireworks, horse, Lomita Man” you will stumble upon an article written just for him. It will give you insight for what to expect from his anything goes style comedy. No topic is too embarrassing to discuss. And every story convinces you that it really happened. Probably, because most of them did. Give him five minutes, and Craig Conant might become your new favorite uprising comic.

Unfortunately for us, he does not have much content out there. It is just the beginnings of a promising career. If he sticks with it, we could easily be watching a Netflix Special of his five or ten years down the road. The man has talent, no doubt.

Lucky for us, what is out there, is enough to be entertained for a respectable amount of time. We are allowed the privilege to witness an artist before he turns into a household name. Introduce him to your friends, family (not children), and loved ones who share your same joy for stand up comedy. I am sure it will be appreciated.  

Craig Conent, the Lomita Man. Look him up, give him a chance, and enjoy what what could be the beginning of a prosperous career for a young and talented comic.

Image Source:

Conant, Craig. “Craig Conant (@Craigpconant).” Twitter, Twitter, 13 Sept. 2018,

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