Scorching Hot Action!!!


Always good to get off to a good start and that’s exactly what happened for Scorching Hot Action!!! last night as the San Jose Sharks got up to an early 2-0 lead in the first period and never looked back, eventually beating Vancouver 7-2 and extending that win streak to 6 games. Will they extend their winning streak to 7? That’s something we’ll revisit on Valentine’s day before they host the Capitals. My only regret from last night is not getting in on the Over. That and checking out “Annihilation”, the Natalie Portman sci-fi adventure film. What a horrendous movie.  I almost would’ve rather watched Trump’s rally in El Paso. ALMOST. Jennifer Jason Leigh is also in it, but I’m not sure you can call what she was doing was acting. It seemed more like a low battery animatronic Jennifer Jason Leigh instead of the real life one. Now there’s 2 hours I’ll never get back. A rare moment where I should’ve headed the advice of an ex-girlfriend.JJL

ANYWHO… as my shaky high school Spanish teacher Mrs. Jolie used to say, Let’s plunge on bravely and get to tonight’s SCORCHING HOT ACTION!

chardonnayChardonnay got the day started early today with a 7AM text imploring us to take #25 Buffalo in Akron tonight. I jumped on it around 7:05AM at -8, but I see it now sitting at -7.5. The Sharps are rolling with Akron and although the Zips have won 4 out of their last 5 we still like Buffalo…in college hoops, not as a geographic place to ever be.

hog wild

Before hitting the runway at Logan, Jack texted in his picks for the night and to no surprise he’s going HOG WILD tonight taking Arkansas MONEYLINE (-123) in Missouri against the Tigers. The Razorbacks aren’t horrible on the road (3-4) and Missouri isn’t great at home (7-5). In reality, neither of these teams are that good. The Razorbacks beat Missouri in Fayetteville a few weeks back and Missouri is limping down the home stretch of SEC play. Jack also likes his hometown BC Eagles -3 at home against Pitt.  Much like the SEC game, this ACC match-up is far from the caliber of last night’s UNC-Virginia game. BC’s on a 4 game skid and Pitt hasn’t won since the Orthodox New Year. Google it. It was a while ago.


As for me, I’m still obsessed with these NHL streaks and there are a few at stake tonight.


The Blackhawks take their improbable 7 game winning streak into Beantown tonight to face the now Pastrnak-less Bruins. Pastrnak is out for 2 weeks after a fluke thumb injury suffered the other night at dinner. REGAAAWDLESS I think the B’s can take care of Chicago without him and end the Blackhawks streak. B’s are -200 so the payout won’t be massive but I’m going with it.

The Blues take their 6 game win streak to Jersey to face the Devils. The Devils are awful and won the other night so they’re good to go to get back to losing. I like St. Louis -200.

And last but not least, the Avalanche look to stop the bleeding and snap a 7 game losing streak as they host Toronto. The Maple Leafs are actually better on the road than they are at home and are currently the 3 seed in the East. Colorado is about .500 at home and have had a mediocre season thus far, but are just a little winning streak from being the 8th seed out west. The Leafs are good and its gonna be tough, but unless you’re the Flyers 8 game skids are rare and home ice should do Colorado some good…hopefully. Avalanche +115 is the call.


Buffalo -8

BC -3

Arkansas MONEYLINE (-123)

Bruins & Blues MONEYLINE (-200)

Avalanche +115

Good Luck and enjoy the SCORCHING HOT ACTION!!!



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  1. Looks great T$, plunge on bravely!!!

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