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Scorching Hot Action!!!

scorchingWelcome to “Scorching Hot Action!!!” where we’ll not only give out great tips on the hottest betting lines but we’ll have a good time doing it. My crew of sports gaming fanatics have been hard at work over the past few years digging through spreads, trends & totals to deliver insightful, helpful & entertaining tips that could end up making you some nice coin.

Now before we get started  I want to make something perfectly clear. Scorching Hot Action!!! is here for all of us to have fun. Yes, technically you could say we’re giving some level of “financial advice” since the topic of conversation is gambling, but the aim is for all of us to have a good time, win or lose. We’re not gonna be telling people to drop 2 grand on this game or 10 grand on that game. Myself personally, I rarely bet more than $20 a game. I firmly believe that with the growing access to sports gambling here in the U.S. that sports betting can be a fun, social activity that can create bonds, friendships & grow a comradery among neighbors, co-workers, teammates, community members, etc. In our case, sports betting has become a way for old friends to stay connected and keep longtime friendships alive and fun. If you’re using sports gambling to pay the mortgage or make money for your kids college tuition then this space may not be for you.

The Crew

Of course I have a crew! Most of my crew are guys I grew up with. Guys I’ve been watching and following sports with since the Reagan Administration. Collectively you’ll see me refer to them as the HAM Boys named after the Boston suburb we grew up in, Framingham. Individually there’s Chardonnay(lives in Jersey now and is super excited about the Book at the Meadowlands he lives near, he also makes way too many bad Kansas St hoops bets), GRILL(he’s the man when it comes to picking games), Wally(the most successful in real life of the HAM Boys but not much of a gambler, but Chardonnay & Grill love to crack on him and he never misses a local swingers party), Commish(not much of a gambler either but he’s the shady commissioner of our 20+ year fantasy football league so he’s in the mix), Jack(a real life airline pilot who loves going HOG WILD on all things Arkansas), Wild Bill(a horrible gambler who once lost a ton in just a few minutes playing Pai Gow Poker in Vegas then treated himself to a solo 5 star dinner and had to have his girl wire him money to get home, also loves betting on Army games) and finally Neighbor Stacie(my Dallas connection who loves sports gambling and does it very well and sure does love her Florida Gators). As for me, I’m T Money Grip. I travel a ton and love talking sports all over the country. Even though I’m from the Northeast I’ve got West Coast in my soul and love late night West Coast action!

Ok, now its time for the SCORCHING HOT ACTION!!!


Even though I’ve never played a lick of hockey and over the years have only watched playoff & Olympic hockey, I’ve grown a liking over the past few seasons to wagering on NHL games. No coincidence that my uptick in NHL action coincides with the birth of the Vegas Golden Knights, a team I picked last December to make the Western Conference Finals against the other team I picked to reach that series, the Predators. The past few weeks I’ve been toying with playing on NHL team streaks, both winning and losing. Now I didn’t start off great as I never thought the Flyers could win 8 in a row and it took me a few games to finally hit their loss, but surely there can’t be other teams who have Philly’s split personality of winning 8 after recently losing 8…Right?

Tonight the San Jose Sharks take a 5 game win streak to Canada to take on the Canucks who just snapped a 3 game skid of their own over the weekend. Although far behind in points to the Sharks, Vancouver doesn’t completely suck and are still in the Western Conference playoff hunt just 2 points behind the Blues & Wild for that 8th seed. Usually I’d bet against a 5 game winning streak, but the Sharks shutout Vancouver 4-0 earlier in the season and have really been putting the puck in the net over the last 4 road games averaging 5 goals a game in those contests. I know its not going out on a huge limb, but I like San Jose MONEYLINE -158.

Some other NHL streaks to keep an eye on this week…

St. Louis(-200) takes a 6 game winning streak to Jersey against the Devils Tuesday night, might Chardonnay be at the Book for that one? Hmmmm. The Avalanche(+115) look to break a 7 game losing streak at home against the Maple Leafs. Chicago(+170) looks to keep an improbable 7 game win streak going in Boston Tuesday night and finally the not so mighty Anaheim Ducks look to avoid laying an 8th egg in a row Wednesday night vs Vancouver.

Good Luck and enjoy the SCORCHING HOT ACTION!!!



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