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Danny Ainge proves once again he is a Basketball Genius

On Thursday once again Danny Ainge proved he is smarter than the rest of the NBA. Rewind to late spring 2017 and the Celtics finally got that coveted #1 pick. Then 4 days before draft day they flopped with Philly for #3 and future pick. As like most Celtics fans I freaked the fuck out at not having the spot we had wanted so bad.

Philly took Markelle Fultz and Boston took Jayson Tatum. And shortly thereafter it seemed like we got the better of the deal yet Philly wasn’t giving up. Fultz for God’s sake made Shaq look like John Stockton at the foul line. Tatum though blossomed into an amazing rookie.

Then Thursday hit where talks were that #3 pick Tatum was in line to be a centerpiece for a deal for one of the 5 beat players in the league with Davis. Though it didn’t happen it shows how good he is. And Fultz, the bum got traded as a show of a failed experiment. So when Danny said he got the best pick in the draft, the good Mormon boy wasn’t lying.

The man has traded to get Garnett and Allen to win a title. Then trades them away in a highway robbery to rebuild for the future with Brooklyn. With that got Brown and Tatum. Trades to get an unwanted Isaiah Thomas to get to an Eastern Finals. Takes the broken down Isaiah and gets the superstar Kyrie and signs Hayward. Hell the son of a bitch got them to the east finals with NO KYRIE and NO Hayward. So when you lay your head down at night remember little Celtics fans say your prayers to Danny, cuz he seems to do all he can to answer them.

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