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Art? Or What?

It’s ironic that 55 years ago today (February 9, 1964) some real artists performed on a stage in New York and changed the face of modern music. They were, of course, the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show, their first American appearance, and anyone who witnessed that performance experienced a life changing moment. That might sound a little over the top but it turned out to be true in so many ways.

It’s ironic because tomorrow night there will be an awards show (the Grammys) which will celebrate the “accomplishments” of a number of people who are being touted by the media in all of its various permutations as the artists of today. The irony lies in the fact that almost all of these people are so far from being artists that it’s laughable.

The current music scene is populated by mostly no-talent poseurs who can’t write music, can’t play instruments or can’t even sing. And the ones that can actually do any of these things are mediocre at best. Yet because of the unending hype they receive from the media and the airplay they receive on radio airwaves and video outlets they are promoted as being worthy of praise and adulation.

What a crock. When I can stand it I try to watch some of these “artists” perform. The ones I find most interesting are the rap types or hip hop or whatever it is they have for a label today. These are people that, as mentioned above, can’t sing, can’t write songs and can’t play any instruments and yet for some reason they are artists. Just what is their art I must ask? An art for shameless self-promotion? For posing as people that actually have some talent? For mumbling forgettable lyrics that don’t make any sense into a microphone? Is this it? Because I just don’t get it.

They are a few people that may deserve some credit but trying to wade through the oceans of bullshit to find out who they may be just doesn’t seem like it’s worth the trouble. There are many reasons for the current disgusting state of the music industry and it would take several thousand words to fully describe how things got to be this bad. I’m willing to write them but considering the average attention span of most internet readers these days it would probably be a waste of my time.

I will follow up with this train of thought in future posts, however, (assuming Artie lets me) as well as my take on media whores in general who enable so much of the bullshit we see in sports and entertainment and everything else nowadays but until then just remember one thing. At one point in time there were actually artists performing that could be admired and praised and now we mostly just have a load of crap.


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