Stand Up Comic: Pete Davidson

Any fan of stand up comedy will tell you how difficult it is to find a new comedian that you like. There are loads of comics out there, giving their best efforts, but unfortunately not many of them are funny.

The other day, I was scrolling through my twitter feed and came across a photo of Pete Davidson with Kate Beckinsale. I thought, “wait a minute, is that not the guy who is with Ariana Grande”? Now, that sentence should reveal all you have to know about my relationship with celebrity gossip. I do not follow it. However, I knew this little fact, because I think Ariana Grande is gorgeous, and one lonely day I got curious and googled her relationship status, obviously thinking I had a chance. Anyway, I discover Pete Davidson beat me to it, and I am even more impressed because he is a comedian. Comics are not known for their success with woman, or their success in general… but, Pete did well for himself.

So, when I saw this picture of him and Kate, I had a flashback to my google search months before. I was then confused. I looked him up again, because Kate is damn good looking as well. Then, I thought, “If he is landing all of these beautiful woman, I guess I should give his comedy a try”. Now, my friends, Pete Davidson is one of my favorite contemporary stand up comedians. He has a nonchalant delivery, for his dark and profane humor that makes him the perfect comic for a young man like myself – and maybe you! Any SNL fan reading this will know him, because that is how he rose to fame. If you have never heard of him, or have, but not listened to his stand up, this is the first video I saw of him that got me hooked. Check it out. I hope he releases more stand up in the near future:

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