Trump stole #MAGA from, wait, everyone already knew this?

Last night, I stumbled upon the single greatest copyright infringement of all time. Or so I thought.

So, I’ve been a bit of a reader lately, and in a shocking development, I read Lee Iacocca’s Autobiography over the past two days. The guy was practically a business genius (President of Ford, creator of the Mustang, re-inventor of the modern-day convertible, the SUV, Minivan, and President of Chrysler Motors), and throughout several times in his book he refers to the “greatness” of America, how to, “Make America great again,” and finally, he predicted that America would one day have to have a businessman in office in order for the country to truly prosper. (Yes, I voted for Trump, and I only love it because my money is doing so well in the stock market). Get over yourself, all I care about is money. That’s all you should care about too – because it’s literally all that matters. you can’t pay your bills with Social Justice or unisex bathrooms.

So, did President Trump really steal the phrase?

I thought I had come to some type of MASSIVE copyright infringement case on my hands when I finished reading several paragraphs and a chapter titled “Making America Great Again”, and boy did I toot my horn to my almost 42 followers. ZERO chance anyone even saw my tweet. I thought I was on the brink of a fucking Hollywood story: The “kid” that outed Trump for stealing his campaign slogan from American businessman Lee Iacocca. Time to immediately flip off everyone and go on a media tour!

I thought I was on to something because this particular book was written in 1984. So, most people have either already read it, forgotten about it, or never heard of the damn thing. I picked it up because I’m very interested in stealing ideas (oh baby) and learning from other people (mostly stealing) in order to improve my own business. I mean, look at the foreshadowing:

So, I sent out the tweet. Next, I texted my boss. Said, “check this shit out, we might be breaking something here.” Immediately, I received a massive “fuck you” to the gut when he sent me this back:

He noted Reagan used the phrase in 1980. And, “everyone steals everything” in business. It’s the best way to do it, and imitation is the highest form of flattery, so on and so forth. Crushed. Absolutely 100% crushed like a Mo Vaughan home run over the Monster in 1995.

I’m not sure, either way, you would’ve thought I invented the fucking lightbulb last night judging by my excitement.

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