Hello. How is it going? I have officially entered the virtual building of media mayhem, sports, and comedy. Supported by very writers who are talented, funny, sometimes serious, and always entertaining. I will be none of these. I will be the man who writes about tragedy. Who writes about comedy. Sports occasionally, and politics rarely.

I will be the man whose posts are straight out of left field, and never right. You might see it coming at first, but once you read the words I put down on this virtual piece of paper known to you as a web page, the tunnel of confusion will only suck you in, deeper and deeper until you forget the point at which you had entered, and, more importantly – why.

So, folks get your eyeballs ready. Your neurons warmed up, and your cerebral cortex prepared to interpret future posts by the man, Z. That’s me. Short full name is Zack. Full, full name is Zachary. Notice the substitution of an “h” for the “k”. Why do I do that? I am not so sure myself. Childhood programming, really. Anyway, all my buddies call me Z. Plus, it immediately solves the h-k problem by keeping it to one letter. It also makes it easier to send me fan mail, wink, wink. So, Z. It is the best letter. The last letter of the alphabet, and the anchor who holds it down for friends, family, and loved ones.

I want to keep this short and sweet so I will end this post with these last few words. I must express my gratitude in joining forces with The Packie. I am proud to be a part of this powerful and growing team, thank you for having me, and the next post is coming soon! Keep an eye out.


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