Why We Need 2008 Weezy Back.

Lets bring it back to MY TEEN YEARS . Simpler days. In 2008 I was in the 8th grade getting stoned at the hill down the street from my “house”. Acne was awaiting trials of proactive telemertial deals. I was spending a strong portion of my days listening to Lil Wayne and watching his documentary videos on youtube. My friends and I all used to swish around our drinks at school and say “this syrup, ain’t no Vitamin Water” just to feel like Weezy, even though we didn’t fully comprehend what syrup was🕺 It was a beautiful time. Getting that inside look of my favorite person on the planet and seeing how cool he was even when he wasn’t rapping was like seeing a superhero in real life. He was like the infinity war of superhero characters all wrapped up into a 5’6 140 pound body. His creative process and how quickly and easily he was able to come up with such a fire verse and record it in a god damn hotel room was nothing short of magical. I’m sitting here today wishing it was 2008 all over again just so I could go back and feel the euphoria I felt when listening to a new song or verse by him for the first time. I can’t even explain with words how excited I used to get with anticipation when Wayne had something on the way. You had to be apart of that era to experience it.

Weezy was dominating the music world and completing changing the rap game forever. Constantly dropping fire mixtapes, albums, features, he was everyones favorite rapper between 2007-2012. He had the highest peak of any rapper thats ever lived and I’d argue that against anyone. No one has ever had the impact on music that Lil Wayne did. The quality of his music combined with the personality, the clothes, the unmatched confidence and swag, he was the whole package. Every new rapper you see now a days with colored dreads, crazy face tats and big personalities all were influenced by Lil Wayne. Not to mention he put on the next great dominant rapper , Drake(tbh I bumped Still got it for ya when it dropped ). I miss when they used to do songs together, that you couldn’t help but crip walk too. Heres some old Wayne and Drake songs you may not have heard in awhile to bless your ears on a rainy Friday(technically) a.m . I just listened to all these songs and I now will have goosebumps for the rest of the day and won’t listen to anything but him til my ears bleed 👌🍸

-She Will

-Alphabet Bitches

-Right above it

-3 peat

-A Milli


-Watch my shoes

-I’m me

……And the list goes on💨🔥

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