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An introduction to one of the most irrelevant and low-profile apparel, gambling, and pop culture humor writers on the web. #BetWithTheBanana #49Cent

You’re probably wondering why my name is 49CentBanana. Honestly, there’s a simple explanation: I used to sell banana’s for $0.49/pound when I operated a small indoor farmer’s market. Turns out, that price was pretty competitive.

Fast forward to 2017 – I started attempting to sell t-shirts at 49centbanana.com. My feeble attempt at selling the actual shirts were a few piggy-back posts on Facebook, Twitter, and once in a while on Instagram. Sometimes you’ll find a kid wearing one around town, or at a Patriots game. We’re not superstars at design, nor do we claim to be. Just a kid with a little side gig to escape from the doldrums of actually working.


The business model is simple – make content, be relevant and funny on Social Media, and supplement the content with ads and merchandise sales. Barstool perfected it, but now it’s time ThePackie and 49Cent join forces to make something better than the Stool. So here I am, providing content. Enjoy. Especially with the bullshit of Barstool Gold and paying $52/year for content that’s driven by sales and heavy ads, we do the same shit – for free!

In the final part of my rant, besides writing, I give out gambling advice for $5.00/Sunday. NFL season gives you 6 picks for the spreads. Yes, if tempting enough, we have a small book if you’d like to join too. If you don’t know what that means, please don’t ask.

I’ll be giving out my Super Bowl 53 pick this year. Coupled with an O/U, Moneyline, and 4 props. No, the cost of that isn’t $5.00. Pick will be out on Friday, February 1, 2019 exclusively on 49CentBanana.com and here on the Packie.

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Poor performing sports betting artist, writer of things only I find to be funny, owner of several failed businesses. Opinions are my own.

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