Only 3 Teams Have Represented the AFC 47% of All Super Bowls

This is the 11th time the New England Patriots will be going to the Super Bowl and it never gets old. There have only been 53 Superbowl years and the Patriots after February 3rd will have been there 11 times. That means the Patriots have appeared in 21% of all the Super Bowls. The next most appearances would be Dallas, Denver and Pittsburgh who have been there 15% or 8 times each. Now lets take Dallas out of the equation since it is not an AFC team and just add up the Patriots, Steelers and Broncos appearances totals and  knowing that none of these 3 teams could have been there at the same time, we get a total of 27 which is 51%.

That means that 51% of the AFC teams have only been 3 different teams, crazy!

Now let’s go to the NFC. We know Dallas has been there 8 times. The 49ers have been there 6 times and the Giants, Redskins and Packers have been there 5 each. Add all those up and you have a total of 29 or 55%.

That means that 55% of the teams that represent the NFC have been one of 5 teams.

Not as crazy as the AFC but still impressive.

It is crazy that with 53 years of the big game, there are still 4 teams who have never seen the big show.

The Browns and Lions have no excuse. Those teams have been around forever and still have not made it, unless you count the time the first Browns moved to Baltimore and won the Super Bowl 2 years later. As for the other 2 teams who never danced the dance, the Jaguar’s and the Texans have come close but can’t seem to close the deal.

With any big sports event that involves a Boston team, the Packie would like to be there and report to all of you. The Packie teaming up with the Wicked Explorers will be heading down to ATL fooo Show for the big game. Stay tuned on this site for details and where the gang will be.

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