First Time Same 2 Cities will Face Off in Multiple Sport Championship Games in the Same Season

For us New Englander’s the term “Beat LA” is something that had been forgotten for some time until 2008 when the Celtics took on the Lakers in the finals bringing back a saying that made its mark in the Bird Magic Error. But beat LA doesn’t just stop with the NBA, in Boston in just the last 3 months, the world “Beat LA” has made its way into two other major sports.

In October the Boston Red Sox were the next to adopt the phrase. Yes, many Red Sox fans would chant this during the ALDS games in the past when Boston took on the Anaheim Angles of LA? Ehhh well that was a stretch. Beat LA is what we cheered as we took on the LA Dodgers, which oddly is owned by Magic Johnson (6 degrees to Magic?). After the world series when the Red Sox won, that gave 2 legit Boston teams its official chant against our west coast rivals.

After last night with the Rams some how beating the Saints and Tom Brady pulling some, well Tom Brady magic out of his behind, the fine people of Boston yet again get a chance to tell “Beat LA” for a third professional championship. The LA Rams will now be the victim for me and my 10-year-old homemade Beat LA shirt.

Playing LA in the Superbowl isn’t just about Beat LA. It is also the first time that 2 cities have played each other in the same season in 2 different professional sports (Red Sox vs Dodgers and now Patriots vs Rams) Can Boston beat LA twice in 3 months to steal another championship from those Fair weather sun loving sports fans of So Cal? We will find out on February 3rd in Atlanta Georgia.

Boston Fun Fact: Boston also is the only city to have beat another city in all 4 major sports, and that city is St. Louis

Boston Celtics beat the St. Louis Hawks

Boston Bruins beat the St. Louis Blues

New England Patriots beat the St. Louis Rams

Boston Red Sox beat the St. Louis Cardinals


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