Ladies Don’t Let Your Loved Ones Lose You

Watching the news one day I heard something about a ratio of women between the ages of 25-50 , dieing from overdoses . In the United States this scary drastic increase by 260 percent…again ladies 260 percent. There are options and believe me I have been surrounded by people I have watched be sick and or try to help and its painful.
Women can become addicted to drugs faster than men. That again is a scary statment. To my knowledge a few years ago men(not all men let me correct myself) were the ones finding women to “pimp” out or just in general introduce and completely crumble their lives. It can go both ways but the ratios have changed drastically. Fentanyl is the millennial heroin(which 10-20 years ago it may have been) which could in fact be cleaning products purchased at your local Walgreens. Im disgusted with how many people lost their chance at life to fufilll whatever their destiny could have been . Cut short. Please ladies . These ratios inspired me to spread the message and my message. Its not gonna be easy, that I know, but our minds control what we are attracted too . Fixate on something healthy. I don’t want to lose any more friends or any of you. Your stronger than you think. To those struggling I will forever pick up a Phone call at 4 am if it means saving your life.
As the number of drug overdose deaths continues to rise, the social awareness of the epidemic has as well. Even celebrities are opening about their addiction issues.

The drug epidemic, however, has affected far more people than previously thought. Death by drug overdose is classically more common in men as stated above , but a report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday shows that women, specifically middle-aged women, are also increasingly affected.

Again a Phone or email away. Don’t suffer alone.

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