We Might Have To Figure This Out The Hard Way

Experiment. Find your love. Don’t live day to day aching. I can speak from experience when you hold off and devote yourself soully to one person, you can blossom into some power team. Trust is the most common mistake. We look at our past looking at everyone ahead of us just as their past significant other/friend was. Take a risk. Give somebody all of you. If I ever fall. I know you’ll be there. I can say that because of risking time and devotion and conquering fear. Writing is my own therapy and there are so many people who reach out to me for guidance. Please take the chance. You might have to figure out the hard way. Ladies we got Borris and Taytum in the top drawer ready for failure. Tired of this 2019 shit but for me Confidence and putting more trust into the closest to me. The real weird me. Is my 2019. Start yours right.

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@RussMusic @LeeshiesPCs #jackmeofftrade #thepackie 25 year old lyricist/bartender/underground music enthusiast/freelance writer/Entrepreneur climbing the ladder of success in every possible aspect. Sarcasm is my specialty as well as good vibes and live music. Always looking for a way up . All the way up.

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