Oohhh NaNa Janeys Killin it.

Janey was a wonderful server. As a bartender you see a drink spill(being me) I jump to the rescue. She was such a sweetheart and fought me on cleaning up a mistake that wasn’t mine. She goes above and beyond for strangers. We don’t have many bartenders/hostess/front desk reception service people with any sort of personality nowadays. I am just as stubborn which is a beautiful thing in the industry if you take the initiative. We shared bartending secrets and traded tricks of the trade. I go out for a drink and get treated like a regular of 15 years. She deserves a permanent position experience or not we all learn hands on. Ive been in the industry 10 plus years and she takes direction like you just gave her the wrong left turn and she went right. Training managment wise with my experience doesn’t always work to perfect skills . You need to love your work. And Janey my dear. Is your gal. She’s forever my bartender 👌

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@RussMusic @LeeshiesPCs #jackmeofftrade #thepackie 25 year old lyricist/bartender/underground music enthusiast/freelance writer/Entrepreneur climbing the ladder of success in every possible aspect. Sarcasm is my specialty as well as good vibes and live music. Always looking for a way up . All the way up.

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