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Which day is the day off?

Sunday evening. Juat recently leaving Joes bar and grill aftwr awkwardly exchanging Christmas gifts with my father and having another awkward experience crying about my grandmother. Who mind you is chillin on a boat . Went on vacation , got that good good, and has yet to return. I love you gram. Ahhh so I stay typing nightly while Im a Mom and a bartender looking for a second job. Aspiring writer . Aspiring soon to be back in school dieing of exhaustion. So tell me. Which day. Is the day off.

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@RussMusic @LeeshiesPCs #jackmeofftrade #thepackie 24 year old mamabear/bartender/underground music enthusiast/freelance writer/Entrepreneur climbing the ladder of success in every possible aspect. Sarcasm is my specialty as well as good vibes and live music. Always looking for a way up . All the way up.

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