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Ray Donovan Season 6 Episode 10 Recap


Season 6 is heating up on Ray Donovan and episode 10 is a prime example of why this is one of the best shows on television!!

In the opening scene we see Ray jumping out of a window running away from the corrupt officers badly injured and shot at.

Sam Winslow is trying to close the deal on the prison. Ray meanwhile, has found refuge in a cafe and mends his wounds in the bathroom. He calls Sam to meet him at the diner to give her a thumbdrive which has Feratti telling him to kill a judge at the diner.

Smitty gets a new convertible and get ready for a test drive with Bridgette.

Meanwhile Bunchy is depressed with Terry and contemplates suicide and leaving the country. While Ray has stumbled to his apartment where his father is waiting for him demanding the $3 million dollars he had obtained from kidnapping Jay White.

Bridgette is missing from the car when Smitty returns. While Mickey and Ray have a heart to heart and Ray gets a call from a concerned Smitty and later a call from Mac confirming Bridgette has been kidnapped.

Sam returns the thumbdrive but later in the episode we find out she has a copy and approves the article being published to secure Anna Novak’s election as mayor.

Bunchy is arrested by the FBI.

Mickey for the first time is a father and encourages Ray, who devises the plan to kidnap Danny from the bar with Smitty, Daryl, and Mickey. Danny gives up the address but by the time Ray arrives Mac and Bridgette are gone.

One of the best shows on television and this last episode proves that without a doubt. Next Sunday couldn’t come any faster as the new trailer leaves us wondering if Bunchy will flip on Mickey and if Bridgette will live!!



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